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Announcing Tyre Safety Month

At Johnsons Cars we’ve decided to get on board with Tyre Safety Month and below is a handy list of tips you can do from home to make sure you’re all driving safely.

So first of all you need to check your tyres once a month or before a long journey because if your tyres aren’t right then they can affect your acceleration, cornering and stopping.

How to check your tyres….

1. Take the 20p Pledge

This 20p test can check that your tread depth is safe and legal.

  • Place a 20p piece into the tread grooves to see if the outer rim of the coin is covered by the tread.
  • Do this in about 3 areas of the tread.
  • If at any point you can see the rim of the coin go get it checked.

2. Checking Pressure and Condition

For the pressure you’ll find the settings in your filler cap, the driver’s door sill or in the vehicle handbook.

  • Be sure to check when the tyres are cold
  • Remove the dust cap and check for any dirt in the valve
  • Attach the pressure gage to the valve and remember to check the correct settings for either an unloaded or fully loaded vehicle.
  • Replace the cap
  • Give the whole tyre a visual inspection removing any stones or other objects embedded in the tread and check for cuts, bumps or bulges.
  • If you’re unsure, seek professional advice.

And be sure that there’s a spare (but you knew that!)