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Why Choose a Lexus Hybrid?

A hybrid car offers its owner the best of both worlds: the economy of electric energy and the power of a petrol engine. When travelling at low speeds, a Lexus hybrid simply requires its electric motor to power it – and when it does, fuel savings are instantly being made. In electric-only mode, a hybrid car produces no CO2 emissions whatsoever, which makes it more environmentally friendly.

If you need to overtake, or maintain high speeds on the motorway, the car’s petrol engine will provide your Lexus hybrid with the power boost it requires.

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A Lexus Hybrid Charges Itself

It’s a common misconception that a hybrid car requires charging via a domestic power source or charging station. This is simply not the case (it is true, however, of all-electric vehicles). A Lexus hybrid’s battery recharges automatically. Whenever the car is in motion, whether travelling at low speeds or cruising long stretches of motorway, the battery builds up its reserves of energy. It even does so whenever the car’s brakes are applied. Whenever your Lexus hybrid requires battery power, it will be available – and you won’t need to lift a finger.

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Give your Business a Boost with a Lexus Hybrid

A Lexus hybrid benefits a wide range of motorists, including business users. If you’re operating within a certain budget, a Lexus hybrid makes a lot of sense. It’s convenient too, not least because its battery self-charges.

A hybrid car suits all types of businesses. Whether you operate in and around town or need to make long commutes across the country, a Lexus hybrid will adapt accordingly. At low speeds, the battery is engaged to produce zero emissions and save on fuel. At higher speeds, the petrol engine will provide you with all the power you need.


Hybrid FAQs

What is a hybrid car?

A hybrid vehicle utilises two power sources: a petrol engine and an electric battery – automatically switching between the two to match your driving requirements. You won’t even notice the transition from one to the other.

Is a hybrid reliable?

A Lexus hybrid is just as reliable and durable as a petrol or diesel-driven car, and the electric motor requires next to no maintenance. We do, however, recommend treating a hybrid car to a yearly Hybrid Health Check (HHC), which is free as part of regular servicing at Johnsons Lexus. You can, if you prefer, book a standalone HHC for only £59. Each HHC provides an additional one-year (or 10,000 miles) battery warranty extension, which can be renewed for up to ten years.

Are hybrid cars safe?

All Lexus hybrids undergo the same rigorous safety checks and tests as their fuel-powered counterparts, and are just as safe to drive.

Lexus LC Hybrid Lifestyle

Benefits of Owning a Lexus Hybrid

With a Lexus hybrid, the driver enjoys the advantages of both performance and efficiency. Whenever the car proceeds at lower speeds, such as along a city street, the electric battery is automatically engaged, thus saving on fuel, and producing zero emissions. If the driver needs to up the speed of the car, power will switch seamlessly from the electric battery to the petrol engine, providing the requisite performance levels.

The battery is self-charging too; there’s no need to ever plug it in to a power source.

A Lexus hybrid is cheaper to run than a normal fuel-driven car. It’s environmentally friendly too.

Servicing a Lexus hybrid is no more expensive than maintaining a standard car. Our hybrid vehicles are just as reliable as our fuel-powered vehicles, and Lexus has an exceptionally good reputation for the reliability of all of its models.

Lexus LS Hybrid Lifestyle

Lexus' Hybrid Range

If anyone ever tells you that there isn’t enough choice when it comes to hybrid cars, it simply isn’t true. Lexus’ hybrid range consists of eight, including the CT, IS, NX, RX, GS, LS, RC and LC, which means there is a car for virtually every motoring scenario.

If you’re looking for a practical family hatchback, the CT makes for a great choice. Need a compact executive saloon? How about the fine-looking IS? Lexus does hybrid SUVs too, including the compact NX and the full-size RX. Require a high-performance sedan? The GS is certainly worthy of your consideration. The LS, meanwhile, is a gorgeous saloon car with a spacious, luxurious interior. If you’re in the market for a sports coupé, may we recommend the striking RC? Last, but by no means least, is the Lexus LC, a stunning sports car that goes from 0-60mph in just 4.7 seconds.

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Just how Reliable is a Lexus Hybrid?

Lexus has justifiably earned a strong reputation for the reliability of its cars. Whether you choose a fuel-driven model or a hybrid variant, a Lexus is built to last.

Of course, we do recommend that you treat your car to regular servicing; it’s the only certain way to make sure that it continues to operate with peak efficiency.

A hybrid car is just as capable as a regular vehicle when it comes to driving during extremely cold weather or heavy rain, for instance.

A Lexus hybrid’s battery is warranted for five years, but has been designed to last as long as the vehicle itself. Taking advantage of our Hybrid Health Check once a year will extend its warranty for a further 12 months, for up to a total of ten years.

Lexus CT Hybrid Lifestyle

​Why Should I Choose a Lexus Hybrid?

Each Lexus car, regardless of how it’s powered, possesses excellent build quality and a spacious, comfortable and luxurious interior. Just the same as its fuel-powered equivalent, a Lexus hybrid is practical, safe and comes well-equipped. In fact, each of the marque’s hybrid vehicles benefits from the highest trim-level specification for that particular model.

The main advantage of owning a Lexus hybrid is convenience. No external charging is needed for the car’s electric motor – it does that itself. A Lexus hybrid switches quickly and quietly between electric and petrol power in order to best exploit the prevailing driving conditions. Travelling at low speeds, a Lexus hybrid uses no fuel and emits no CO2 gases, saving you money and giving the environment a break in the process. Whenever you need long-distance, high-speed performance, the petrol engine autonomously kicks in.

Lexus IS Hybrid Lifestyle

Is the Battery Life Good?

Yes. A Lexus hybrid battery is designed to work efficiently from the get-go, and last as long as the car itself. Given that Lexus’ reputation for reliability is something that many other marques can only aspire to, this is, indeed, a good thing. For added peace of mind, the battery comes with a five-year warranty. We always advise that motorists submit their vehicle to regular servicing, usually once a year. As part of your Lexus’ regular maintenance, we provide a complimentary Hybrid Health Check (HHC), which includes the car’s battery. You can, of course, elect to make a one-off HHC appointment at our Liverpool or Oxford branches, whenever you wish.

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Is a Hybrid Vehicle Safe?

When you choose a Lexus hybrid, you can do so secure in the knowledge that it has been subjected to the same rigorous crash testing as any other type of road car. A Lexus hybrid is extremely safe, and comes equipped with an array of driver aids and passive protective features. For instance, the most affordable of Lexus’ hybrids, the CT hatchback, comes with a five-star Euro NCAP crash-test rating. It features, among other things, Electronic Stability Control, an eight-airbag system and ISOFIX fixtures for carefully securing younger passengers. Each Lexus hybrid is well-built and durable, offering an extra level of protection for everyone on board.

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