The New 71 Number Plate

It may be hard to believe, but it's that time of year. The time of year when the new number plate arrives. This time, the new number plate features the number 71 and is a symbol that your car is new as it is on the latest reg. To bring in the new number plate, we've got a variety of new car offers available so you can find your new car, with a new number plate, at a great price.

What is a plate change?

Since September 2001, every number plate has featured two numbers. This number represents the year that the car was registered so '18' represents that the car was registered in 2018. But it gets a little more complicated than that. This number representing the year doesn't start until March and in September this number changes and 50 is added. So if your car was registered in March 2018 it would have an '18' number plate but if it was registered in September 2018 it would have a '68' number plate (18 + 50 = 68). This also means that a car registered in February 2019 would also be a '68' plate as the '19' plate wouldn't have started until March 2019.

What do the different numbers mean?

The numbers are age identifiers and show when a car was registered. The meaning of each number can be seen below.

Year Registered between March to August Registered from September until February of the following year
2001 - 51
2002 02 52
2003 03 53
2004 04 54
2005 05 55
2006 06 56
2007 07 57
2008 08 58
2009 09 59
2010 10 60
2011 11 61
2012 12 62
2013 13 63
2014 14 64
2015 15 65
2016 16 66
2017 17 67
2018 18 68
2019 19 69
2020 20 70
2021 21 71

When does the plate change happen?

The plate change happens twice a year. The first change is for vehicles registered on or after the 1st of March and the scond happens on the 1st September.

What is the structure of the number plate?

Since September 2001, all number plates have been in the format AA00 BBB. The first two letters are a local memory tag to show where the vehicle was first registered. The first letter indicates the region and the second letter indicates the local DVLA office. The following two numbers indicate when a vehicle was registered as described above. The final 3 letters are random and used to make sure each number pate is unique.

Why do people buy a new car around the plate change?

One of the benefits of buying a new car is you have the latest everything: the latest model; the latest technology; the latest engine. Why not the latest number plate as well? With a new car, you get to show off a little bit and buying just as a new number plate is released means that you can keep that feeling for longer.