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Instantly recognisable FIND OUT MORE
Volkswagen e-Golf front

Instantly recognisable

The Volkswagen Golf has been setting the benchmark for hatchbacks since the 1970s, and the e-Golf stays true to everything you loved about the original model. It’s instantly recognisable as a Golf, but adds a subtle electric twist to the styling, including unique C-shaped running lights, LED headlights and a signature ‘blue flash’ across the grille. This all-electric incarnation also boasts the same exceptional performance as the Golf – but with zero emissions and an impressive 144-mile range to boot. In short, it’s an all-electric all-star!

Packed with technology FIND OUT MORE
Volkswagen e-Golf infotainment

Packed with technology

As soon as you take your rightful seat in the e-Golf, you’ll discover an interior tailored to comfort, convenience and connectivity. The 8-inch touchscreen system provides you with infotainment, and features Volkswagen’s MirrorLink system, including the connectivity with the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay apps. The e-Golf also features the full array of Volkswagen driver assistance technologies, including Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Spot Sensor, Traffic Jam Assist and Emergency Assist to name but a few – helping you drive with complete confidence.

Comfortably roomy FIND OUT MORE
Volkswagen e-Golf seat

Comfortably roomy

Not only does the e-Golf exude elegant visual appeal from every angle, the extraordinarily spacious interior means you’re able to travel in a home away from home. The cabin is climate controlled, plus you can also fully adjust the front seats to suit your ideal driving position – not to mention the added lumber support, which is available as standard. The compact e-Golf exterior belies the space inside, which is not only practical and comfortable, but also comes with unique touches such as electric blue stitching on the steering wheel and blue detailing on the gear lever.


Meet the new Volkswagen e-Golf

The next generation. An electrified classic. Introducing the Volkswagen e-Golf.

This stylish hatchback blends everything you already love about the Golf with everything you'll immediately adore about the e-Golf: it looks reassuring familiar, while also being wonderfully efficient. Perfect for navigating city traffic in a smooth and sustainable way, the e-Golf will turn heads as you travel. It also makes the perfect companion on open road adventures, tackling up to 144 miles per charge, and with room for all the family. Experience the thrill of electric today with Johnsons Volkswagen!

A new age of driving

Did we mention that the e-Golf is all-electric? Well, let us explain just why this is amazing! Not only does the stylish model emit zero harmful emissions, but it will also save you money on ‘fuel’ and maintenance. It is much simpler to maintain than a petrol or diesel car, with just three components in the entire drivetrain and fewer moving parts, i.e. fewer potential faults over time! Electricity is also much cheaper than petrol or diesel, and the e-Golf will also charge from 0 to 80% in just 45 minutes with a rapid charger. There are now more charging stations in the UK than filling stations – perfect for topping up on the go!

Zero emissions. Zero compromise.

The e-Golf proves that a responsible powertrain does not mean compromising on performance. Far from it, in fact! It’s fast off the mark, with impressive amount of torque available from standstill. What’s more, there’s no lag between pressing the accelerator and actually accelerating. The e-Golf truly showcases Volkswagen’s engineering prowess – boasting exceptional handling, acceleration and grip. Throw into the mix a peacefully quiet drive and a range of 144 miles per charge, and you won’t look back!

Take charge – book a test drive in the e-Golf

If you like what you’ve read so far, and want to make this the year you go electric, there is really no better time to get behind the wheel of the e-Golf! To find out more and book in a test drive at a time that’s most convenient for you, get in touch with a member of our friendly and helpful team at your local Johnsons Volkswagen today.