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Discover more about the e-Golf

The 100% electric e-Golf has gotten a lot of attention and it's easy to see why. It combines all the well-loved features and design of the Golf into an electric car. Here are some key highlights that you may be interest in.

The e-Golf in Numbers

Charge to 80% in 45 minutes on a rapid charger.
Enough time for a bite to eat when you're out and about

5 hours and 20 minutes to a full charge on a home/work wallbox.
Easily enough time for an overnight charge.

8-year battery warranty
The e-Golf (and all of our electric and plug-in hybrid cars) comes with an 8-year or 160,000km high voltage battery warranty. 

5% Cheaper to Own and Run
Compared to owning a diesel Golf, the e-Golf is 5% cheaper to own and run over 4 years taking into account the cost of purchase, fuel and taxes.
Based on study by the International Council for Clean Transportation

£2 for a 50 Mile Journey
An average 50 mile journey costs £2 in the e-Golf. An equivalent journey would cost you £6.50 in Diesel or £7.00 in Petrol.
See zap-map.com for more comparisons​

Zero Emissions. Zero Roadtax.
The e-Golf has zero emissions, therefore, it qualifies for zero road tax.

144 Mile (WLTP tested) range
More than enough for the average journey.

Car-Net e-Remote

The e-Golf comes packed with a lot of technology. One of these, is the ability to access your car from your phone. With Car-Net e-Remote, a complimentary app to get the most out
of your e-Golf, you can:

  • Easily stop and start battery charging
  • View Current battery level and range
  • Set charging times to capitalise on cheaper energy rates
  • Set Air conditioning and heating temperature remotely, ready for when you get in the car
  • And More

Ready to find out more?

What better way to discover the e-Golf than with your own hands? Book a test drive today or speak to one of experts to find out more.