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Johnsons Volkswagen Birmingham Bullring

Johnsons in the Bullring, Birmingham​

Shopping for a new car is about to take a completely new direction, with Johnsons Volkswagen behind the wheel. On Friday 7th July, Volkswagen will be opening their very first retail store in the Bullring, Birmingham, which will be managed by Johnsons Cars.

Bringing convenience back to the customer, the Bullring store will include a variety of displays showcasing Volkswagen’s in-car technology, along with display models that will be refreshed regularly to keep the store up to date. All of this will go towards making buying or leasing a new car as stress-free and easy as possible – there’ll even be a dedicated test drive area just a short walk from the store.

Mike Berwick, Johnsons Car’s Operating Director, said: ‘This is a completely new retail format and way of going to the market, so it is exciting for us to work with Volkswagen on this project…We have set a very competitive ‘no haggle’ pricing model, which will remove the stress experienced by some from the typical showroom visit and allow us to speed up the enquiry and sales process, therefore delivering a better experience for shoppers.’

The Bullring store provides a unique opportunity for customers to learn more about some of the less prominent products offered by Volkswagen, such as vehicle accessories and official merchandise – the retail format offers a much better platform for showcasing these items, adding to the customer journey and widening Volkswagen’s appeal. Brand experts from Johnsons will also be on hand to discuss areas such as Motability, allowing for greater understanding in a less pressured environment.

Johnsons Volkswagen Birmingham Bullring

The prominent presence that Johnsons Volkswagen have had in Birmingham since 2004 makes them the ideal face of the exciting new retail store – knowledge of the customers and area combined with the team’s dedication to outstanding customer service will ensure that the Bullring store will continue leading the way for brands long after this first store has opened.

Johnsons Volkswagen Bullring Birmingham will be open from 10am to 8pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm Saturday and 11am to 5pm on Sundays, so feel free to drop in and see us whenever you like! Be sure to make it to the opening too – it’s sure to be special.

Johnsons Volkswagen Birmingham Bullring