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John Reddin Gold Pin Award, Johnsons Volkswagen

John Reddin wins a Gold Pin​

The Gold Pin evening at Quaglinos, London was hosted by Alison Jones, Director of Volkswagen, Rod McLeod, Head of Operations and Kevin Rendell, Head of Service and Parts.

Awarded by Volkswagen's parent company, Volkswagen AG, the Gold Pin is an exclusive award that recognises dedication and service to the Volkswagen brand. The awards started in 1967 and since then, only 1,200 people have been chosen to receive them in the UK.

John has worked at Volkswagen in Sutton for the last 29 years and has worked for Johnsons Volkswagen Sutton for the last 11 years since they took the company over.

Not only has John sold over 2550 cars in his 11 years for Johnsons he has sold over 6000 cars in his 29 year career and consistently been the top sales executive in the group, but John goes above and beyond for his customers and the business.

John is always prepared to go over and above what would be considered exceptional customer service for his customers and testament to this is how his customers will come into Sutton to talk to John and if he is on holiday or a day off they will always wait for him to return before taking to anyone else about their car and undoubtedly placing an order for a new car.

John over the years has adapted to the changes that have come in the sale process and the latest technology to help him keep in touch with his customers most recently adapting to Cit Now with the "Reddin" twist that his customers love and talk about to many of their friends and family.

John has seen in his career many changes in personnel that have worked with him at Sutton but through all he has been an exceptional ambassador for Volkswagen and Johnsons helping his team along the way in their own careers and developing excellent customer service.

What I find exceptional about John is how he is with his customers, not only does he have an amazing capacity for all forms of general knowledge that allows him to have an in depth conversation about any customers interest from world wide travel to musical instruments. But also the way John remembers everything to the finite detail about his customers as if they are family that makes them feel so at ease and relaxed when they are in the business. John this year has some customers that he has sold to the fourth generation in the same family!!

John Reddin and his personality create an atmosphere in the business that rubs off on all staff and customers making Johnsons Volkswagen Sutton a great experience for both.

Even after all his time in the role John is still one of the keenest employees we have and if you have ever called Johnsons Volkswagen Sutton on the telephone you will most likely have had the phone answered by John thinking it's bound to be one of his customers calling!

For John Reddin to have received a Gold Pin from Volkswagen is a true recognition for a true Ambassador and Professional for Volkswagen and Johnsons.