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The New Volkswagen Golf 8 is open to order

The Volkswagen Golf is truly an iconic model. Throughout its history, it has managed to keep the traits the make the Golf the Golf, while adapting with the times. The New Golf 8 is no different, with an evolved design and completely revolutionised technology.

The new Golf is the 8th iteration of the Volkswagen Golf. It has kept many of its popular design features from the previous Golf but adapted with the times by featuring sleeker headlights and a wider profile. Inside is where you’ll see the real difference with enhanced technology giving you an intuitive driving experience.

At the centre of the technology is the 10” screen giving you complete control of your Golf. It’s one of the first vehicles ready for a truly connected driving experience. The Car2X communication talks wirelessly to other vehicles to know where there’s heavy traffic or road works ahead. It’s safe as well thanks to the advanced driving assistance systems such as adaptive cruise control that slows you down if the vehicle in front of you slows down and park assist that can park for you.

Of course at the centre of the new Golf is the finely-tuned driving experience. The drive of the Golf is what has earned its reputation and with optional dynamic chassis control, you can choose the driving mode best suited to you. Under the bonnet you’ll find an e-TSI engine which uses mild Hybrid technology to reduce fuel consumption and emissions during acceleration. The battery is self-charging using energy from braking and coasting.

The Golf 8 will be with us in April, but if you’re as excited as we are, you can place your order for the new Golf 8 now.

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