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New Volkswagen models wow UK motoring experts

Ahead of the release of two exciting new Volkswagen models – the Golf GTI and ID.3 – the UK motoring media has been at the brand’s famous factory in Wolfsburg, Germany, to experience them first-hand.

Among the experts getting behind the wheel were journalists from Top Gear, Autocar, Auto Express and Telegraph Motoring. Motoring journalist and former Fifth Gear presenter Jonny Smith also reviewed the ID.3 for his popular ‘Carpervert’ YouTube channel.

But what were the verdicts? Let’s take a look!

Golf GTI press cars waiting for the UK media
ID.3 press cars waiting for the UK media

New Golf GTI

One of the most highly anticipated new cars of 2020, the New Golf GTI offers a top speed of 153mph, a whopping 229HP and acceleration from 0-60 in just 5.9 seconds. No wonder it’s being billed as ‘The Ultimate Hot Hatch’!

Find out more about the new Golf here and read what the experts think of it below…

Credit: Telegraph.co.uk

Telegraph Motoring: ‘Drive this car 100 metres and you’ll know that this is one of the great GTIs.’ ★★★★★

Top Gear: ‘The Mk8 has kept what we loved about the last decade’s worth of GTIs: solid refinement and superb driveability, but added more opportunity for back road misbehaviour.’ 7/10.

Credit Autocar

Autocar: ‘The world’s finest hot hatch’. 4.5 stars.

What Car?: ‘…plenty of fun, as Golf GTIs have generally been for 45 years.’ ★★★★☆

New ID.3

This all-electric family hatchback is the inaugural model from ID: Volkswagen’s new electric car sub-brand. This characterful five-door EV blends electrifying performance with futuristic design. Take a closer look at the Volkswagen ID.3 here, and read the reviews below…

The reviews:

Credit: Autocar

Autocar: ‘’It’s very mature in a typical VW way: an electric car whose substance of engineering is central to its appeal.’ ★★★★☆

Auto Express: ‘A well-balanced chassis setup, impressive range and a reasonable price wrapped up in a great-looking package. Viewed from this point of view, the ID.3 truly delivers on its promise to become the Golf of the electric age.’ ★★★★☆

Credit: What Car

What Car?: ‘The interior has a futuristic feel, without being so revolutionary that it’ll scare off anyone with an acute fear of change.’ ★★★★☆

Telegraph Motoring: ‘Nicely designed on the outside, with a lightweight and stiff bodyshell and a comfortable but assured ride quality.’ ★★★★☆

Top Gear: ‘Inoffensive, well-thought-out and easy to use. So, just like a Golf, but happens to be electric.’ 7/10.

Carpervert (Jonny Smith): ‘This is a very special EV, and one that a lot of people have been waiting for!’

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