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volkswagen xl1

New Volkswagen XL1​

JOHNSONS Volkswagen in Solihull is one of the largest VW dealers in Europe and the borough's friendly local Volkswagen dealership. They have snapped up one of the world's most in-demand supercars; the eagerly-anticipated and hugely-regarded XL1 - a supercar like no other.

The XL1 offers sporty performance and an amazing 313mpg. There have been just 200 of these futuristic diesel/electric hybrid vehicles made globally and just 30 for the UK market. Not only are its technologies pioneering, but also the fact that Volkswagen is producing large parts of the XL1 in lightweight and strong carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP).

The streamline XL1 is a car of the future, being built today. Silhillians wanting to sneak a peek at the ground-breaking, innovative dream car can now do so after Johnsons snapped one up to feature in its state-of-the-art Highlands Road showroom, which also features 31 new cars in the showroom and a further 100 used cars on site.

Anyone wanting to get their hands on one of these space-age vehicles will have to find £98,515 for the pleasure.

If we’ve whet your appetite to know more, pop into Johnsons Solihull at your earliest convenience to see the XL1 in the flesh.