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Volkswagen Connect App from Johnsons in the West Midlands & North West

Volkswagen Connect is the easy way to connect your Volkswagen to your smartphone. It relays everything you need to know, from service information and fuel consumption, to finding you a parking location and top tips to drive more economically.

Discover more of the benefits of Volkswagen Connect today by downloading the App for free, visiting your local Volkswagen retailer to pick up a DataPlug free of charge, plug it into your car’s diagnostic-port and off you go.

All your car's important information. All in one place.

The Volkswagen Connect app is available for the majority of our models from 2008 onwards. For a list of all compatible model visit

www.vwconnect.com or contact us today and we’ll help guide you through the easy steps to getting connected.

Overview of key vehicle information like VIN, mileage, tank level, battery, voltage, warning, messages etc.

Recording of all drives with detailed information of each drive

Achieve challenges, collect points and trophies (based on GPS)

For a gentle driving style

Address, recording of parking time and saving of recent parking position, sharing
GPS data

Overview of fuel cost and consumption

Service and inspection appointment, emission test appointment, integration of service partner (KVPS), tyre management

Fast support with technical breakdowns and in case of accident, integration of vehicle insurance data