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Reserve Online​ is now here Johnsons Cars 

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Terms & Conditions

1) These terms and conditions govern the use of the Reserve online tool which enables users ("you") to reserve a vehicle located using the Johnsons used car search tool (a "Vehicle") by paying a deposit of £99 (the "Deposit") to Johnsons Cars Ltd advertising the vehicle.

2) Once the Deposit has been received by Johnsons Cars Ltd the Vehicle will be reserved and displayed on the Johnsons used car page as reserved.

3) The Reserve online tool is fully secure and uses PayPal to process payments made to Johnsons Cars Ltd.

4) The Deposit will be deducted from the total price of the Vehicle being reserved if you proceed to purchase the Vehicle from Johnsons Cars Ltd.

5) The reserved Vehicle will be sold at the price for which it is advertised on the Johnsons used car search tool and at no point will any negotiation to lower the price further once the deposit is received take place.

6) Within 48 hours of reserving our Vehicle you must contact Johnsons Cars Ltd to arrange an appointment to inspect the Vehicle at Johnsons Cars’ premises. It is at Johnsons Cars’ discretion how long they are prepared to reserve the Vehicle for you after you have paid the Deposit. If you do not arrange an inspection or you are not able to arrange an inspection within a reasonable period of time (at our discretion) Johnsons Cars Ltd reserves the right to refund your deposit and unreserve the vehicle.

7) Please note: Although the Johnsons used car locator displays the vehicle as reserved, vehicles are also advertised at third party internet websites and physically onsite. Johnsons Cars endeavour to keep all websites as up to date as possible but on rare occasions a vehicle may be unavailable to view or may have been sold at the same time you Reserve online, therefore leaving you unable to proceed with the full transaction. In these instances Johnsons Cars Ltd will refund the Deposit in full and assist in attempting to locate a similar vehicle. Payment of the Deposit does not guarantee a vehicle's availability or suitability.

8) If you change your mind within 14 days, for any reason, and decide not to proceed with inspecting and/or purchasing the Vehicle from Johnsons Cars Ltd, the Deposit will be refunded in full by the Retailer as soon as practicably possible and always within 72 hours of notification that you do not wish to proceed.

9) Any contract for purchase of the Vehicle resulting from your use of the Reserve online tool is at all times wholly between you and Johnsons Cars Ltd.

10) These terms should be read in conjunction with the Johnsons Cars website terms of use terms and in conjunction with PayPal's terms of use. PayPal's terms of use shall take precedence over all other applicable terms in respect of disputes arising in relation to the payment of the Deposit and the refund of the Deposit (if applicable).

11) For any further questions please contact Johnsons Cars Ltd who will be only too happy to assist.

12) Johnsons Cars offer a full 30 day exchange plan. If for any reason you are not happy with your vehicle we will exchange the vehicle

13) You will only receive the Aftercare package after you purchased the car that you reserved online.