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Volkswagen T-Roc infotainment

Stay connected

An entertainment hub sits in the centre of the dashboard. Link it to your smartphone and you can continue using the aps while you drive. Opt to add a wireless phone charger to keep your phone topped up, and go all out with the 300-watt Beats stereo if you want your music to be heard loud and clear.


City safe

When you’re driving around the city, a number of features will help to keep you safe. Automatic Emergency Braking uses a sensor to detect any potential hazard. If one enters its beams, it lets you know so you can stop. Fail to do so and it will apply the brakes for you. The system works in the city when you’re driving at low speeds, helping you to avoid any collisions in busy streets with lots of pedestrians. Post-collision braking helps the car to come to slow down even during an accident to minimise the impact. Then there’s Lane Assist that monitors where you are on the motorway and alerts you if you start to drift. All three of the systems are standard across the range.

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Volkswagen T-Roc front

Take your pick

Crossovers are all about style, and there are plenty of tailoring options when it comes to the T-Roc. Choose from a range of bold paint colours and add a contrasting roof and door mirrors to enhance the sportiness. You can get the exterior colour across the dashboard to liven up the feel of the interior. There is the option of a panoramic sunroof that gets you closer to the elements.


Like the Golf, Only Bolder

Ready for the city and the country, the T-Roc is a resilient crossover with a staunch sense of style. It takes the body of the ever-popular Golf and gives it a bolder edge with an SUV shape and styling. Taller, wider and longer, its robust dimensions give it a strong on-road presence and mean it’s more rugged than its smaller hatchback sibling. A smattering of cladding along the side skirts, wheel arches and bumper give it the muscular advantage, while the chrome edging means it still retains a sleek style. Extra sporting details include a wide honeycomb front air intake, large alloy wheels and Tiguan-inspired chunky headlights. A huge grille joining the headlights completes the strapping image portrayed by the SUV-style front profile. Volkswagen’s instrinsic minimalism is apparent with its fuss-free exterior. A few well-placed contours are all it takes to create the poised, athletic look.

Volkswagen T-Roc Front

All-Wheel Drive, All Terrain

Dubbed a baby SUV, it’s got the performance spirit of a full-sized SUV packed into a smaller frame. Choose a model with all-wheel drive and take the T-Roc from the city to rugged landscapes with confidence. Surefooted thanks to the increased traction offered by these versions, it maintains a steady performance even on uneven surfaces. The system will put out the exact amount of power each wheel needs to grip to the surface, whether it’s the rocks or rain making it difficult. If you’re more likely to dart about the city than you are the mountains, the standard front-wheel drive options provide all the power you need.

Volkswagen T-Roc Side

Open the Door to Generosity

Halfway between the compact Golf and the spacious Tiguan, the T-Roc boasts the best of both worlds. It has a small frame and a large interior. With a taller roofline, every passenger enjoys plenty of headroom and legroom. This tall shape also provides a generous boot with 445 litres to hold shopping, luggage or a pushchair and a few bags. Fold down the rear seats and you’ll have 1,290 litres for sports gear or the results of a furniture shop. It’s much more than other cars in its class offer, even those in a higher spec. Huge door bins, cup holders and a change draw will keep the necessities of your journey close at hand while you’re travelling. Plenty of natural light and high seating positions give it an open feel.

Volkswagen T-Roc Dashboard

A Range of Engines

As a car that’s designed to suit lots of drivers, it’s no surprise that it comes with a range of engines to suit various driving styles. The 1.0-litre and 1.6-litre petrol units are ideal for city driving, providing all the power you need for a smooth drive. If you’re planning on venturing to more difficult territory, turn to the 2.0-litre options in both petrol and diesel forms. You’ll get extra muscle to power you up inclines and over rough surfaces.

Volkswagen T-Roc Board

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The T-Roc is set to be one of the most popular cars around with its versatility and sense of style. The new T-Roc is available to test drive at Johnsons Cars today. With a bold SUV design and a number of advanced technology features and cutting-edge infotainment systems there are so many reasons to purchase the new T-Roc. Don’t miss out on showing the world who you are.

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