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Volkswagen Hybrid & Electric Range

At Johnsons Volkswagen in Birmingham, Liverpool, Redditch, Solihull, Stafford, Stoke, Stourbridge, Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth, Warrington & Wolverhampton.

Experience the future of driving now, with Volkswagen’s electric and hybrid range! From the next-generation ID. range of pure-electric cars to the thrilling hybrid GTE range, here at Johnsons we’re happy to help you find the perfect electric Volkswagen for your needs.

Volkswagen offers you the choice of completely electric models, full hybrid, plug-in hybrid and mild hybrid models – leading the way to a more integrated, more intelligent and more sustainable future. The forward-thinking marque successfully pushed for electric mobility in 2020, delivering almost three times as many pure-electric vehicles as it did the previous year. What’s more, the ID.3, Volkswagen’s first standalone EV, was heralded as carwow’s ‘Best Family Electric Car’ of 2021 as well as being the first mass-produced car in the world to have been created carbon net neutral.

Volkswagen is overcoming the barrier to going electric, with a range of advanced cars and constant improvements in technology. The brand is set to make a €30 billion investment in e-mobility by 2023, have 70 new fully electric Volkswagen models by 2028, and 22 million EV sales for the VW Group by 2028.

Electric mobility is likely to revolutionise the way we drive, so if you think now could be the right time to make the switch, don’t hesitate to contact a member of the helpful and friendly team at your local Johnsons Volkswagen today.

What are the different types of alternatively fuelled vehicles available?​

Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles, otherwise known as EVs or BEVs, run exclusively on an electric powertrain for zero-emission driving. The ranges of these cars vary by model, but the latest generation of electric vehicles have sufficient range to meet most drivers’ daily use with ease. For example, the Volkswagen ID.3’s fast-charging batteries have an impressive range of up to 336 miles, meaning you can take longer journeys without that nagging range anxiety. In short, EVs are economical to run, brilliant to drive, have plenty of range, and are easy to maintain!

Our electric vehicles:

Hybrid vehicles

Hybrid vehicles combine the efficiency of electric and the power of a petrol engine, and are therefore a good option if you’re not ready to go fully electric just yet. Also known as self-charging hybrids, full hybrid vehicles combines the traditional petrol or diesel engine with an electric motor, which then supports the engine during acceleration and at low speeds. Handily enough, no plugging-in is needed, as the battery’s kinetically charged by the engine when braking. The main advantages of a hybrid are that it consumes less fuel and emits less CO2 than a comparable conventional petrol- or diesel-engined vehicle.

Plug-in hybrid vehicles

Plug-in hybrid vehicles, otherwise known as PHEVs, offer the flexibility of zero-emissions driving on shorter trips, with the option of having a petrol or diesel engine for longer journeys. These ground-breaking models add an electric motor to a traditional combustion engine, resulting in minimal fuel consumption and emissions. Plug-in hybrids allow a greater distance to be travelled on electricity alone – for example, the Volkswagen Golf GTE supplies up to 40 miles of pure electric range.

Our plug-in hybrid vehicles:

Mild hybrid vehicles

Mild hybrid vehicles are very similar to self-charging hybrids, but with a smaller battery, meaning they can’t drive on battery power alone – the battery’s just there to help the petrol or diesel engine perform more economically. The engine is supported by the motor during acceleration and the larger battery supports Start/Stop and other power-consuming features of the car without the support from the engine.

Our mild hybrid vehicles: