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Volkswagen Pothole Check

Potholes don't just damage the road. They can damage your car. Our free inspection will check for you.

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Did you see this warning?

"Increased numbers of potholes have appeared in our roads so please keep aware while driving or cycling"

You've no doubt noticed how many potholes have been caused by this harsh winter. And they're not just an ugly nuisance. Over time, they can disrupt your wheel alignment and harm your suspension. That means more tyre wear and higher fuel consumption.

Right now, until the end of May, we are offering a free visual inspection by our Volkswagen- trained technicians to check your wheels and tyres. If the free wheel alignment check finds that your alignment needs adjusting, we will do it for a discounted price of just £54.92 inc. VAT. (The price is usually £132.)


Terms & conditions: The discounted price is for front wheel alignment. No restriction on the age or make, model of the vehicle.